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Hand Pump Sprayers - plastic or stainless steel

Pumps, Spray Lances, Hoses, Timber Spraying Pumps, Knapsack Sprayers

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Spraying can also be carried out using pump up hand sprayers. These have the advantage, for small jobs, of needing no electricity and being easily portable. They are useful for spraying wood for woodworm or rot treatment, or masonry for dry rot treatment.

The 5 litre pump sprayer is ideal for small woodworm or dry rot spraying jobs. Supplied complete with plastic spray lance.

The 12 litre knapsack sprayers can be placed on the ground or carried on the back, using the harness.

Knapsack Sprayers are supplied complete with spray lance. The side lever pump action is ideal for larger spraying jobs (less pumping).


Knapsack sprayer for woodworm sprayingClose up view of knapsack sprayer in usePump up pot sprayer for small woodworm jobsStainless steel sprayers for pest control

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Stainless steel hand pump sprayers, for woodworm, dry rot and pest control and are supplied complete

with heavy duty solid brass lances.

Brass spray lances for spraying woodworm treatments.

High quality brass spray lances can be added to existing equipment.

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Miniature brass plant sprayer for use in injecting woodworm holes in furniture using Boron Ultra 12 at 5% in water.

Miniature Sprayer/Injector

A specially modified little hand sprayer, with two nozzles.

One for spraying and the other for insect hole injection

Electrical Spray Pumps

Damp proofing and timber preservation specialists generally use a high pressure electrical pump to spray timbers with timber preservatives and to inject damp proof courses . These twin piston, self priming pumps are used with a range of accessories, including injection rods (DPC Injection, 10mm diameter holes) and spray lances (Timber Preservation and Dry Rot masonry treatment).

Typical Spraying and Injection Pump for high and low pressure injection of damp proof courses.

(Note - not required for cream DPC Injection - a small hand pump is normally used)


Woodworm Spraying Pump - electrical type, for large woodworm spraying jobsSpare parts for Eclipse Electrical woodworm spraying pumps.

The spare parts for maintenance and repair of DPC and Spraying pumps are available ex stock for pumps up to 25 years old - these pumps last a long time with the right care.

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High quality brass spray lances and extension tubes, adjustable spray nozzles and backspray nozzles are required for treating woodworm and dry rot. The 'backspray' allows injection of spray into hidden spaces behind panels (like staircases) and the flight hole nozzle can be used to inject individual holes.

Spare parts and extensions for brass spray lances, used with woodworm spraying machines.

Spray lances and extensions are needed for spraying timber and treating dry rot.

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